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10/31  Trip in Peloponnese  

I’m traveling in Peloponnese peninsula Greece by a rented car now.

Peloponnese is said “A great countryside of Greece”.
Because there are many historical places, but there are not so many transportations.

But its scenery is very very beautiful and peaceful!!

To linger on remains of ancient Greece alone offers graceful time to me.
There is no artificial sound, just nature sound.
コリントスにて エピダヴロスにて エピダヴロスにて 

The mountains around me are getting turned red.
It tells me an arrival of winter behind autumn little by little.

The scenery makes me remember Japan^^.
We also have beautiful four seasons in Japan.

In a deep forest of mountain, a call of a deer stepping over the fallen leaves makes me feel so sad autumn tide.

This is one of famous Japanese poems which is called “Hyakuninisshu”-The hundred poems by one hundred poets.
Hyakuninisshu”is a collection of waka(classical Japanese poems in 31 syllables).
Waka, its main feature is that, in expressing the gamut of feelings in simple form, it must contain –and this is an indispensable feature-a suggestiveness felt beyond the words.
Perhaps a requirement for an outstanding waka is that it cause associations with a suggestiveness not expressed in words and deep elegance.
Poets express thoughts of love, nature and the seasons with a refinement unique to the Japanese people. It has become well-known as one of the principal works of classical Japanese literature.
I think it’s one of Japanese unique sense of beauty that we feel beauty in loneliness of late autumn.

Anyway, I really love nature^^.
I’ll go to Olympia where is famous as a birthplace of “Olympic games” tomorrow.


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