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12/02  I'm back!! 

Hellow guys, how are you doing??

Today I came back to Europe from Japan.
I went back to my home for the first time in seven months and stayed there for 3weeks.
I enjoyed my time with my family, friends, the atomosphere of Japan, Japanese food, Japanese language^^.
日本にて 日本にて 日本にて 日本にて 日本にて 

Happily my younger sister has got married to nice person on Nov 23th when my parents also did it 40 years ago.
The wedding ceremony was so nice. They were deeply blessed by many people.
I really thank them from the bottom of my heart for their kindness and friendship with my sister and her hasband.
I made sure that the new couple could be happier more and more from now on.
日本にて 日本にて 

I could meet another new couple in Guam. He was my classmate in medical college.
Their happy look also made me happy.
I met some of my classmates there and we enjoyed in wonderful paradise!!
グアムにて 日本にて 日本にて 

In this return, I could find new vertues of my country Japan which I couldn’t find if I kept on staying in Japan.

“The journey” tells me many things about my country as many as about foreign countries.
It is one of advantages of “journey” to be able to observe my country from outside calmly.

Anyway, I really enjoyed my time in Japan and feel refreshed now.

After this, I‘ll go to Austria, Germany, Belgium, Holland, France, UK, Spain,
and Portugal in this order.
I tend to see my friends again in their hometown and am looking forward to it very very much^^.

The 2nd half just started.
I want to see,listen,feel,and enjoy this journey.

Have nice days, good luck and see you soon!!
With my best regards.

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Thank you.

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