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07/03  The Journey just finished, A New Daily Life just began. 

Dear all of my foreign friends

How are you doing??I hope everything is going well with you.

Now I want to tell you one thing about my trip.
Well …,

I finished my this wonderful journey on May 24th.

When I was in Peru, Influenza(H1N1) outbreak was contagious all over the world rapidly. And at the same moment, I was stolen my money, videocamera, mobile phone in Peru.
My family, friends worried about me, and some of them advised me to come back to Japan. I was just planning to go to Mexico and already bought air ticket to Mexico. So they worried about it.
I thought over the end of this trip again,

“Maybe, It’s time to finish it.”
I realized how much I’m satisfied with this journey.

It was about one year and two month and with 41 countries totally.
I have no words to express my feeling about this journey. Every words are too superficial in the face of my deep impressions, the precious “time” of trip.

It has been about one month since the journey was over.
I already began working little by little and get used to Japanese life and customs quickly.

But there are many differences in me between before and after this journey.
I often remember this wonderful journey unexpected moment, for examples, during driving a car, taking a bath, watching TV program about places where I visited.

A famous Japanese person once said “Journey changes a human life. ”
The more time go by, the more I realize what I did.
I can say that This journey changed my life, brought me many things.

Now I really thank all people for being kind to me and supporting me in this journey.

Next Turn is Yours!!

You are always welcome to my home, and It will be my great pleasure to guide you JAPAN.
Please dont't hesitate to let me know.

This blog about round the world journey finished here, but I will keep updating this blog about Japan.
My English is very poor, but I don’t mind it.
I mind that I cannot tell you about my country and you misunderstand my country.
I hope my blog would help you to understand, feel my country.

Let me add a few words in conclusion.

Thank you so so so much!!
Hope to
Looking forward to seeing you again someday somewhere.
Let’s keep in touch.

“一期一会 Ichigo-Ichie”

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